Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Today, halfway through #‎diabetesawareness month, Gwyneth and I celebrate the PARENTS of kids living with Type 1 Diabetes. When your child is diagnosed your life changes forever. I have not slept through the night since 2010. A typical best-case scenario is waking up twice a night. We parents make our kids bleed multiple times each day and night constantly giving insulin and sugar. Typical parental worries take a back seat to the daily worry of keeping your child alive. We make sure schools know how to deal with emergencies. We make sure the kids get out the door every day with the millions of things that will keep them alive- needles, test strips, meters, insulin, glucagon emergency shot, skittles, juice boxes, spare insulin pump supplies, batteries and so much more. We never stop worrying. Gwyneth hates that I never sleep and she hates that I always have to worry. She also loves that I never sleep and loves that I am worrying. She knows it is a family disease and she knows she would happily do all of the above for her child if they live with Type 1 someday. She actually longs for it. She plans to adopt a baby with Type 1 when she's older. She knows the fierce love and bond that comes with this diagnosis. Parents of #‎t1d kids- we salute you. We get you and we love you.
Elaine and Gwyneth

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