Saturday, December 11, 2010

Glass half full

I always see the positive in everything. It inspires my co-workers. It annoys my husband. It rubbed off on my kids. All three of them are incredibly light in spirit. They embrace goodness and have incredible faith in God and the life they've been given. 

But it's hard to put a positive spin on Type 1 Diabetes. I've been trying since diagnosis day on November 1, 2010. Usually when my kids are sick or struggling I can let them know it's almost over. It will be OK. I can't tell my 9 year old daughter that her Diabetes is almost over. I can't tell her that it will be easy.  The first day she was diagnosed, when I was crying, she said that she thought maybe she got Diabetes so that she could share her faith in Jesus with kids with Diabetes. Amazing. But the nights are hard. The sun goes down and she faces another night of shots and another day of non-normal. 

So we're going to create the positive. We're going to forge ahead. We're going to create a community of the positive. Yes it is terrible. Yes we are praying for the cure. In the mean time we're going to get through this and make some friends along the way. Join us!